Evaluations Welcome



MMR 2017 is in the books.

If you were present this year I would like to invite you to give a word or two of evaluation.  You can do so by sending me an email (fbcftmojaveaz@ctaz.com) or by leaving a comment down below.

When you so do you can comment on the normal evaluation type questions such as

Rate the event on a scale of 1 to 10.

What was your favorite part of the event?

What was your least favorite part of the event?

Or you can approach some specific questions I have on my mind.

Did your group participate in the Emmaus Walk and did they find it useful?

Would you be okay with a shorter Sunday Schedule aimed at getting you out quicker, or do you prefer to stay for as long as possible?

Would you rather I skip the offering for Speaker/Music and just budget these parts or keep the offering and supplement from budget as possible?

Or if you felt the event changed your life in some way, such as you made an eternal decision or change, you could leave a brief testimony.


Lessons Learned from MMR2016

There were certain lessons learned in last year’s event that we are addressing for MMR2017.  Let me tell you about some of the changes.

  • Food: When selecting the food I choose from a list the camp provides. I went up and down the list and selected those items which most sounded like man-food to me.  Only after the event was done did someone point out that every single meal had pork as the meat.    That one is on me, and I will try to draw a finer line between man-food and variety.
  • Registration: I had made a request that group leaders come in to register their men, instead of each individual coming in separately. Some did and some didn’t. This works for small groups, but for larger groups it is not as easy to manage since they do not travel together. So for this year we will be prepared with a system to do either group registration or individual registration.  We would still appreciate every group that is able have their leaders bring in their list of attenders and let us register your group all at once to save time.
  • Free Time: I believe the free time is one of the best benefits of the event, but when the rains came last year that greatly limited the recreational possibilities. In addition to this we have a number of senior men who are not extremely likely to go down a zip line or up a climbing wall.  This year we will be adding a few breakout sessions for those who would like to learn about a specific area of men’s ministry, during that free time.
  • Sunday Morning: One of my goals last year was to keep a relaxed schedule. But by Sunday morning the attenders are already moving out of mountain mode and back into valley mode. This does not mean they want to skip worshipping their Lord, but if they have a large section of time doing nothing they face a temptation to skip out early.  So this year we will have a tighter schedule on Sunday Morning.
  • Cabin Time: I have heard from my own group every year that cabin time was the greatest part of the event. As expected I heard from some of the other groups the same thing. But we also heard one group call cabin time a waste and a joke.  We will continue to encourage good training on this part of the retreat so that it will be a team building time for your men.

Speakers and Worship Leaders for MMR 2017

Work has been progressing nicely on MMR2017.   Let me give you some details.

A group of cooperating churches are now working together to make decisions and pull together the retreat details.  In addition to this AZSBC personnel and resources are still supporting the event, as is River Valley Mission Network.  Other Associations are welcome to jump in as well.

The speakers and Worship Leaders are selected.

Dr. Jeff IorgDr. Jeff Iorg is the Primary Speaker. Dr. Iorg is the President of Gateway Seminary of the SBC.

noe-garcia-website-headshotNoe Garcia is our Guest Speaker.  Noe Garcia is the pastor of North Phoenix Baptist Church.


Robert Comeaux is the worship leader, he will be bringing with him a worship band put together from the worship ministry of North Phoenix Baptist Church.


The theme for this year has also been selected.


You may have already noticed that the name of the retreat Metamorphosis Men’s Retreat has been shortened for most usage as simply MMR2017.


We are going to be able to open registration very soon.  The first step I encourage a church to take when registration opens is to reserve slots.  Estimate a number that you are confident you can fill and send in a Participating Church Agreement with a deposit to hold those slots.  Until the camp completely fills, we will be able to continue to add additional slots if you need them.