Evaluations Welcome



MMR 2017 is in the books.

If you were present this year I would like to invite you to give a word or two of evaluation.  You can do so by sending me an email (fbcftmojaveaz@ctaz.com) or by leaving a comment down below.

When you so do you can comment on the normal evaluation type questions such as

Rate the event on a scale of 1 to 10.

What was your favorite part of the event?

What was your least favorite part of the event?

Or you can approach some specific questions I have on my mind.

Did your group participate in the Emmaus Walk and did they find it useful?

Would you be okay with a shorter Sunday Schedule aimed at getting you out quicker, or do you prefer to stay for as long as possible?

Would you rather I skip the offering for Speaker/Music and just budget these parts or keep the offering and supplement from budget as possible?

Or if you felt the event changed your life in some way, such as you made an eternal decision or change, you could leave a brief testimony.

What NOT to do at MMR2017

We are just a couple of days away from the start of the retreat.  I promised that I would give you some suggestions on what not to do.

So here goes.

Don’t set your expectations so high that nothing will make you happy once you arrive.  On a similar note don’t expect to be busy every minute but instead look for quiet moments to stop smell the pine trees.

Don’t forget that northbound traffic on I-17 can take a little extra time on Fridays.  Or if you are coming from another direction what traffic will be like in your world.

Don’t lift the gate by hand to get in.  They will open registration at 4:00 pm and later they will give us all a code that will open the gate.  But lifting it by hand results in expensive repairs.

Don’t smoke outside of the smoking area.  Pine forests are highly flammable and you don’t want to be remembered as that guy who burnt the camp to the ground.

Don’t overeat.  Even though the food is good and has an all you can eat style, you can eat yourself miserable if you are not careful. But don’t undereat either since the increase in elevation requires a little more out of you than normal.

Don’t neglect drinking lots of water.  Elevation sickness can often be avoided by drinking lots of water.  If you feel a headache coming on, consider it a signal that you are not drinking enough water yet.

Don’t write your name anywhere thinking it will be a hoot to come back and see your name next year.  They will expect a large payment for each individual act of vandalism caused by the group.

Don’t convince yourself that the nametag is stupid and refuse to wear it.  It will help others to be friendlier with you.  And it will help the feeding crew know that you are supposed to get fed.

Don’t overshare or undershare during cabin time.  Let yourself and everyone else think about what they would like to say and be comfortable with a reasonable amount of silence.

Don’t Forget Your Earplugs!

Yesterday I scanned through my post from a few days ago listing what you should bring with you to the retreat.  I noticed that I had somehow forgotten one of the most important items.  Bring Earplugs.

Even though it seems as if you would never be able to fall asleep with these in, you will adjust to them really fast.  But if you are in a room with 14 other men, someone is going to be snoring.  Probably more than half.  I bet you can’t fall asleep without them.  So . . . don’t forget the earplugs.

Final Payments

First let me mention that if you have any additional payments that need to be made, consider today April 28, to be the last day to mail in payments.  If you are unable to get a payment in the mail today then please bring it with you instead in order to avoid risk of it not having arrived before the event.

Regarding making final payments let me explain in as much detail as I can to avoid complications. (And let me apologize in advance for the tedious level of detail.)

You are allowed to make substitutions without penalty, other than registration will be slowed down slightly.  So if you have one man cancel and another man add, and if the first man was already paid for, you owe us nothing.  Please don’t make somebody pretend to be someone else, it’s not necessary.

If you have a last minute addition, without any cancellations you will owe for the additional man.  Bring either a check made out to First Baptist Church or cash and pay for that person when they arrive.  The amount you pay will be either $100 if you have deposits you have paid that are not yet used up.  Or $125 if all of your deposits are used.

As for refunding unused deposits and unused registration fees.  We will attempt to do so, but since the actual attendance has been so much lower than the preregistration it has caused us to cut down on expenses and has endangered our ability to repay all unused deposits.  Because of this possible shortfall I cannot allow you to use unused deposits to pay for new slots.  Please pay for them, and then allow us to repay what we can after the final accounting is in place.

As always feel free to contact me if you have questions. ( fbcftmojaveaz@ctaz.com  or 928-727-9024 )


Registration Process

We are about a week out from the retreat.

First impressions mean a lot and one way that you can help your men to have a positive first impression of their camp experience is to help us to have as smooth of a process at registration as possible.

If you have a payment to send in for new registrations please have it in the mail today or tomorrow. (Mail no later than April 28.) If you are unable to send it by this time then please bring it with you to camp instead.  One of the consequences of living out on the corner of the state is that sometimes mail takes an extra day or two to arrive, so something mailed on Saturday or Monday, might well not arrive here in time.

The second way you can help us out is to make sure we have an accurate list of all of your men’s names so that we can have their name tags ready in advance. (For most of you this is covered in your registration lists sent in already) If you as the leader have every name in your group given to us in advance then we will have preprinted name tags, bundled with their cabin information, and their shirts if they are receiving one. Registering will be as simple as us checking off names and us handing over those men’s bundles.

Don’t hesitate to make last-minute substitutions or additions and bring them with you including payment if necessary.  We will hand print name tags for these individuals, but of course this will slow down the process.

Group leaders could come in and register their entire group in a matter of minutes and then distribute the information to their team.  This will work best for small groups.  We understand larger churches will not be able to all travel together and register together so we will be able to accommodate either groups or individuals at the registration tables.

We do suggest that you do not register a person until they arrive.  If you register a person who never arrives we will not be able to repay any of that persons registration fee.  I totally understand some of you will do so for the convenience factor, in so doing please accept the slight risk mentioned here.

The registration process will be taking place in the lobby at Iron Horse, which is the main worship center, located at the very far end of the circle of buildings.   Soon camp maps will be available on the website.

As always feel free to contact me with your questions.  (928-727-9024  or fbcftmojaveaz@ctaz.com)

What to Bring

Perhaps the most common question for the first-time attender at this camp is, What do I need to bring?

First let me tell you some things that are provided for you. 

The camp will provide bedding and a bath towel. Of course, if you want your own pillow or blankets you can bring them.

They will provide food starting with a late-night ice cream snack on Friday night and ending with breakfast on Sunday.  They will provide some great recreational opportunities such as a hot tub, the zip line, basketball and volleyball courts, and more.

So now let me give you some advice on what to bring. 

First bring clothes for both cold and hot weather.  You will likely see cold nights and warm days.  You will likely want a good shade hat, your swim suit, and a beach towel of your own for the water activities.  The camp requests that you leave their bath towels in the rooms, and not use them at the pool, hot tub or zip line.

Second bring toiletries including soap, shampoo, sunscreen and lip balm.  They can sell you these things at the little store, but it will not always be open.  Also, be sure to include your medications, if you take any.  If you use a c-pap or any other such devise be sure to pack it too, but you might want to also bring an extension cord in case you are stuck a little way from the nearest plug.

You will probably want to bring cell phone, with a charger, perhaps a camera, or some computing device. But you will also want to carefully track these things if you bring them.  There is public WiFi in several places, but you will not be able to use an online Bible because the worship area.  Of course, readers that already have it downloaded will not be affected.

You will certainly want to have a Bible with you of some form, but note as stated above that it cannot rely on internet access and be reliable. For the sessions, you will also want to have a notepad and something to write with.

Finally you will want to have some extra money with you. This will be needed to get food on the way there, such as dinner before the first session and lunch on the way home.  But there will also be two love offerings.  One will be to support the ministry of Set Free who has a group there to do the serving.  The other will be to support the music leaders and speakers.  Please plan on being generous in all cases.  This retreat cost less than many others largely in part to these individuals choosing to serve. This is your chance to show your appreciation.

Prime Time

We are now in what I call prime time. This means it is finally time  for recruiting men to attend the retreat.  Hopefully you have already reserved slots, and now it is time to recruit men to fill those slots.  In order to help you do this let me remind you that we have a number of tools to use under the forms tab up above.

The newest tool is the PowerPoint slide which is available in standard and widescreen. This file is editable, and unless your Men’s Ministry Leader is named John Doe, you will need to change the contact name.  But of course, you can change anything else you need to adjust for your group as well.  Notice this lists the deadline as the last Sunday in March.  You can edit this, but it is essential that your church have the final payment to us and all the T-shirt sizes to us by April 5 so that we can turn in the T-shirt order. The date listed there was to allow your church time to gather and mail the info, knowing that we are outlying enough that the postal service can often take another day to arrive.

The coolest tool is the videos. The strongest draw you are likely to get for the event will be when men watch one of these videos.  You might show them during your Men’s Bible Study or even play them during the announcements. One was done during the retreat last year and is a little rougher all around.  The other was prepared later by the camp photographer and is more polished.

The most common tools are the posters, brochures and registration forms. These are in PDF you can print either in house or at a local business supply.  Our local place only charged 34 cents for each copy of the large posters we wanted. Put them up wherever men are likely to see.  I even put them up in between urinals in the men’s room.

We also have a number of different clip art pieces you can use if you want to include the event in your newsletter or produce your own materials.