MMR 2017 Camp Video

Follow this link.  VIDEO

If I have done everything right you should be able to download it after landing on the Vimeo site, or just watch it there.



Registration is Now Open

Registration for MMR2017 is opening up today. We will attempt to keep the available slot count correctly listed on the right side of this web page.

You can open the forms page to get everything you need in order to reserve slots, and to publicize the event for all of your men.

Notice a few things that have changed this year.  First of all the deposit to hold a slot was decreased to $25.

Notice also the change in the t-shirt deadline.  We have to order the t-shirts one month in advance. Therefore any reservations that are not paid and in our hands on April 5 cannot receive a shirt.  Some of the documents actually say April 1. This was done in order to give the mailman a chance to get it from your church to us.

Report on MMR 2016

It is only a couple of days past the retreat. Present at the retreat were 14 churches and 161 men. Although the recreation time included a thunderstorm that shut down most of the attractions, it was still a good and positive time.

The retreat was a success in many wonderful ways. It is especially exciting to see one of the attending churches set up a Men’s Ministry shortly after arriving home.

Coming out of the retreat, we now have a team available to help with planning next year’s event. In case you did not see the announcements, next year we will have Dr. Jeff Iorg as our speaker. He is the president of Golden Gate Seminary and a very good friend of Arizona Southern Baptists.  The dates will be May 5-7, which is the weekend before Mother’s Day.  We are shooting for a leadership theme, something like Training Men to Lead the Church or Servant Leadership.  But its early enough that we will be flexible, if Dr. Iorg has a different and better idea.

Its not to early to begin planning with your church. Watch for ideas in future posts. After a new theme is chosen we might even designate a new website for MMR 2017. But don’t worry it will remain connected to this one.

Why a Men’s Retreat

One of my goals early on in the process is to produce videos that can allow me to explain in person my heart for men’s ministry through this AZSBC Men’s Retreat.  So I am attempting to produce some short videos that can be downloaded and used in your churches, if you wish, to promote the event. I also hope to produce some videos which will show your men’s ministry how to get the most out of your Men and your Retreat experience.

After making this first video I discovered they are too bulky to email, at least by the IP’s available out here where I live.  So I sent it out via FaceBook and social media.  But that doesn’t reach everyone, so I am now setting it up as a simple WordPress website, which can have links included in email, and can also be linked to on by social media.

Speakers, Servers, and More. . .

We are pleased to announce that Dr. David Johnson, our AZSBC Executive Director will be our speaker at this first retreat.

We are also pleased to announce that Christian Challenge has committed to bringing servers necessary for using the Young Life camp in Williams.  These individuals will bless us by keeping the costs down and bringing food to the tables, family style.  We will in turn bless Christian Challenge by collecting a love offering as our way of showing appreciation.

We are also working on leads for a worship band for the event.


First Baptist Church, Fort Mojave, is an SBC congregation in the Northwest corner of Arizona.  For several years they brought growing groups of men to retreats hosted by non-SBC organizations at Lost Canyon, the Young Life Camp in Williams.

Every year the pastor would feel as if Arizona Southern Baptist churches should be doing a program like this for themselves. Frequently he would check the camp for availability and costs, but invariably they were full or the hurdles seemed to be to great. However after attending their normal retreat in 2015, the church learned that there was a slot open in 2016.

It was the perfect time of year. It was the best facility imaginable. The costs were reasonable. So the church made the commitment to pull together a men’s retreat. The dates are May 13-15, 2016, which is the weekend after Mother’s Day. The costs will be around $125 per person.  The limits are that we will need between 125 and 200 men to attend.  If we fail to reach 125 men the church is on the line for the costs.  We must limit ourselves to 200 men maximum.

Watch here for more information.