Evaluations Welcome



MMR 2017 is in the books.

If you were present this year I would like to invite you to give a word or two of evaluation.  You can do so by sending me an email (fbcftmojaveaz@ctaz.com) or by leaving a comment down below.

When you so do you can comment on the normal evaluation type questions such as

Rate the event on a scale of 1 to 10.

What was your favorite part of the event?

What was your least favorite part of the event?

Or you can approach some specific questions I have on my mind.

Did your group participate in the Emmaus Walk and did they find it useful?

Would you be okay with a shorter Sunday Schedule aimed at getting you out quicker, or do you prefer to stay for as long as possible?

Would you rather I skip the offering for Speaker/Music and just budget these parts or keep the offering and supplement from budget as possible?

Or if you felt the event changed your life in some way, such as you made an eternal decision or change, you could leave a brief testimony.


2 thoughts on “Evaluations Welcome

  1. This years retreat was outstanding, as was last years. Dr. Iorg is an outstanding speaker and motivator, would like to see more of him. The facility is a great place for a retreat of this type. I would be comfortable in maintaining the existing format and timeline as it provides a good balance of worship, praise, ( the music was awesome!) and speakers.
    One challenge I faced was the noise of the youth groups, God bless their exuberance, it makes it hard for us old guys to hear.
    Also, the distraction of females on campus makes it a challenge, especially the attire of some of the servers, as some of us men face issues with that.
    I look forward to next year, thank you for all that you do.


    • Thank you for your input. I agree on every point. I hope in 2019 to have the contract with the camp to allow us to be the only group. This will allow less distractions and greater opportunities. But since our actual attendance was around 200 this year we will repeat the contract for 2018 that says our minimum is 200 and maximum is 300. Then if we get closer to 300 attending we will sign contract for exclusive use of camp in 2019 which will mean a 350 minimum, I believe it is.


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