Miscellaneous Updates

First let me say that the posters and brochures under the forms tab.  are finally updated.  I ran into a bug that caused the PDFs to be made with white squares in the middle of them.  I had to find the work around to create these materials without the patches.  So if you wish you can download and print off corrected versions.

Next let me point out that we are getting a few slots returned to us.  So if you wish to add slots, that is bring more people than you had reservations for, please contact me as soon as practical.

Finally let me remind you that we are less than one month away from the T-shirt deadline.  All groups should have their final payments and registration information in by April 1 so that we can order the T-shirts shortly thereafter.  Groups will be able to continue filling their unused slots after that point, but we will not be able to have shirts available after that point.



2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Updates

  1. It would be a great help if we could have some advance knowledge so we can plan a bit for cabin time. Last year we struggled to keep our discussions focused. In every group their seems to be those who kind of dominate the conversation. As a teacher you are able to use your preparation to redirect things back to the topic at hand. When you don’t know anything about the session topics etc until they happen it is a little harder. So if there was a way you could get some info to the group leaders might help.


    • I agree with you. Unfortunately as of yet I don’t know what the different sessions will cover. I do have messages into Dr. Iorg’s office asking for a general idea so that Pastor Jackie doesn’t accidentally cover the same topics. All I can say right now is that I have suggested a topic on men and leadership, but left room for him to approach anything God led him to discuss. If I get a list of topics I will probably add that to the leadership info packet.

      In the packet should be a list of suggestions on how to make cabin time the most effective. In general as leader, prep the men to hear one another out without interruption, and call on those who are slower to share until everyone has a turn. When I lead cabin times I don’t worry too much about getting off topic, but I will redirect if it gets into teasing, wife bashing, sport’s talk or other things guys do to avoid the point.


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