Registration is Now Open

Registration for MMR2017 is opening up today. We will attempt to keep the available slot count correctly listed on the right side of this web page.

You can open the forms page to get everything you need in order to reserve slots, and to publicize the event for all of your men.

Notice a few things that have changed this year.  First of all the deposit to hold a slot was decreased to $25.

Notice also the change in the t-shirt deadline.  We have to order the t-shirts one month in advance. Therefore any reservations that are not paid and in our hands on April 5 cannot receive a shirt.  Some of the documents actually say April 1. This was done in order to give the mailman a chance to get it from your church to us.


2 thoughts on “Registration is Now Open

    • The cost of T-Shirts is worked into the registration fee. As long as you have complete payment turned in by April 1 along with size information for your men we will have a shirt waiting for them at the event. For anyone who joins after the T-shirt deadline, shirts will not be available. Last year we attempted to sale a few shirts, but learned this is in opposition to the policy of the camp and will not do so this year.


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